Welcome to Nathan Grumbine Photography a wedding and portrait located in Harrisburg PA servicing South Central Pennsylvania and beyond.

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Hi! I'm Nate...

and this is my family, wife Danielle and my Son Benjamin.  We also have to Shih Tzu's, Columbus and Heath.  My Wife and I have been together over 10 yeas and married for 5.  

I love my family and I love photography.  capturing special moments and freezing time its a cool feeling.  Whether its a wedding or family photos, its capturing a moment, a memory that will now live on forever.  I've been taking photos since my dad put his old Sears 35mm SLR in my hand and taught me how to use it.  Formally I've been a professional since 2012.

About me... I love the Steelers, riding motorcycles (I even used to be an instructor for the state), wood working, hunting and much more.