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Nathan Grumbine - Harrisburg Wedding Photographer Central PA

I’m not just your wedding photographer, I’ll be there as your friend who has been there before, seen and done it all!  I have advise you may need to help plan you day and the jokes and goofy comment to help make you day enjoyable.  Many of my clients say that the feel like we’ve been long-time friend by time its all over.  

My approach to your wedding day is mostly to hang back and document the day.  Capturing the details you planned so hard over, and the moments as they happen on your amazing day.  And once the day is over I’ll help you pick the best ways for you to display your perfect day and memories in your home!

I’d love to hear all about your plans for wedding day, so let chat!


When I’m not working with you having the most amazing wedding ever, you’ll find with my family.  I love spending time with my family.  We enjoy our time outdoors, hikes, bicycling and baseball, and Steelers Football.

I’m also into motorcycling (was an instructor for 10 years) and woodworking.  I enjoy gold every now and then, a good microbrew or cocktail and a fine cigar too.  I’m pretty laid back, go with the flow, and enjoy meeting new people and having a good time.

Let’s chat! I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about!

Nathan Grumbine and Family
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